Consortium partners

Name organisationRoleDescription
Lectoraat Play & Civic
Media (HvA, Faculteit
Digitale Media &
Creatieve Industrie)
Dr. Martijn de Waal
(Lector, inhoudelijk
Dr. Gabriele Ferri
(Senior Researcher)
Prof. dr. Ben Schouten
The Play and Civic media lectorate researches the ways in which civilians use digital media to organise themselves around societal themes like energy production. Within their research the lectorate frequently uses research through design methods from a humanist perspective.
Citizen Data Lab (HvA,
Faculteit Digitale
Media & Creatieve

Project coordinator
Wouter Meys
The Citizen Data Lab performs practice-oriented research on data and citizenship: by using participatory methods and co-creation the Citizen Data Lab researches how datasets can be analysed and visualised in order to promote the legal capacity of citizens, thereby realising a bottom-up smart city.

The Citizen Data Lab enables researches of various lectorates (like Visual Methodologies and Play and Civic media) to collaborate.
Knowledge Institutions
Lectorate Urban Analytics (HvA, Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industries)Researcher
Dr. Nanda Piersma
The Lectorate Urban Analytics researches how ICT and Big Data can provide insights into problems and can help in the development of new solutions for challenges faced in big cities.
Lectorate Digital Life (HvA, Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industries)
Dr. Nazli Cila (senior
The Digital Life Centre is a research lab at the Hva. We are centred around sensors and digital information in daily life. We perform applied research into technology, data and design methods. The region of Amsterdam functions as our ‘living lab’.
Moneylab (Institute of Network Cultures)
Inte Gloerich
Moneylab is a research direction within the Institute of Network Cultures aimed at the connection between digital culture, financial activism and modern art with a special focus on Blockchain Technology.
SME Partners
MetabolicField Lab partnerMetabolic is a consultancy agency and incubator in the field of circular energy.
Enki EnergieField Lab partnerEnki Energy is specialised in small-scale biodigestion.
SpectralField Lab partnerSpectral develops technological solutions that promote the evolution of smart energy networks.
Cafe de CeuvelField Lab partnerCafe de Ceuvel is a cafe that collaborates with external partners to offer food and beverages based on the principles of circular economy. They also disseminate these principles to a large audience.
Space & MatterField Lab partner & Transfersite: can apply insights from the research to their practices.Space and Matter is an architectural firm with a focus on circularity and community.
CrowdbuildingField Lab partner & Transfersite: can apply insights from the research to their practices.Crowdbuilding is a developer of civic areas based on social capital. Building communities plays a key role in developing a living environment. By means of online technology, inhabitants are actively involved in the development and design processes of the buildings and the neighborhood.
StipoTransfersiteStipo is a public developer involved in circular projects and neighborhood reorganisations in which energy streams play an important role.
One ArchitectureKnowledge & Dissemination partnerOne Architecture is an agency for architecture and urbanism specialised in a.o. resilient design.
Organisations aimed at disseminating knowledge within SME’s in creative industries
Pakhuis de ZwijgerKnowledge & Dissemination partnerPakhuis de Zwijger is an independent platform aimed at the transition towards a sustainable society. They also develop programs around the urgent and complex civic dilemmas of this day and age.
Stadslab Buiksloterham CirculairKnowledge & Dissemination partnerA knowledge and network organisation of the inhabitants, institutions and SME’s which are active in Buiksloterham around the theme of circular economy.
Het Nieuwe InstituutKnowledge & Dissemination partnerHet nieuwe instituut is the national institute for architecture, design and digital culture.
Branchevereniging Nederlandse ArchitectenbureausKnowledge & Dissemination partnerAn association of almost 1200 architectural firms, BNA is a network that promotes modern and creative entrepreneurship with the power architecture has on the living environment as their main motive.
Public Institutions
Planbureau voor de
leefomgeving, PBL
Knowledge & Disseminationpartner
Dr. ir. Ton Dassen
PBL is the national institute for strategic policy analysis in the field of environment, nature and space. PBL improves the quality of political decisions by research, analysis and evaluation with an integral approach. In the past couple of years the PBL has conducted several studies around circularity and smart cities.
CTO Office Municipality of
Knowledge & Disseminationpartner
Sladjana Mijatovic
(Program Manager
Circular Economy &
Innovation at City of
The CTO-office of the municipality of Amsterdam promotes civic innovation in areas such as e-health, circular economy and the sharing economy in collaboration with start-ups.