Student Prototypes of resource-sharing platforms for the commons

In the fall semester of 2023, students of the minor Het internet is stuk, maar we gaan het repareren, were asked to explore and design resource-sharing platform for the commons. The goal is to make a wide choice of electric cars and other forms of electric shared driving available in the neighborhood. When car owners switch to shared driving, parking spaces will be eliminated, and more space will be created in the neighborhood.”

An interactive light system and dashboard for a Sustainably Powered Kitchen

In 2020, Circulate collaborated with a group of students from the HvA Master Digital Design on a 4-week design project, which had Enki Energy as its main client. For this assignment, the students were asked to create a data visualisation tool that facilitated the use and maintenance of the Enki Energy’s biodigester used in a communal kitchen at a housing complex in Amersfoort.