Charging the Commons

Charging the Commons is a 2-year project, and follow-up of Circulate (more info below), that investigates the design of digital platforms for resource communities.

For an urban commons to function well, a clear articulation and implementation of its underlying (societal) values is essential. Charging the Commons explores how a situated-design approach can help to elicit these values. In addition, the project examines how these values can be translated into the design of digital platforms to collaboratively manage an urban commons’ resources. These questions are explored in field labs in Amersfoort and Amsterdam, focusing on housing cooperatives and
community car sharing.

We see these activities as part of a broader ‘be-commoning’ (design) process in which new urban commons are initiated, usually in a collaboration between citizens and professionals.

Charging the Commons is financed by Regieorgaan SIA – RAAK-mkb.