Design Canvas Digital Platforms for Resource Communities

The canvas employs a Value Sensitive Design (VSD) framework that can help explore the values at stake, the affordances of technologies, and the motivations and interests of stakeholders. This canvas is one of the tools we designed to help designers and companies discover the values within a particular community, understand which values should be made explicit and how they can be aligned with the affordances of the technologies.


The Ener-geyser (or Schoonschip Geyser) is a data-driven (floating) fountain that visualises peak times: times when there is a high demand for energy on the communal energy smart-grid of an Amsterdam-based resource community called Schoonschip. By visualising energy levels in real-time, the Geyser helps the community make decisions about when to turn on appliances, in order to achieve their agreed sustainability goals.

Workshop The City as a License: Design, Rights and Civics in a Blockchain Society

The goal of this workshop is to work towards a special issue / edited volume on the theme of The City as a License: Design, Rights and Civics in a Blockchain Society. We seek written and visual contributions that explore the opportunities and challenges as well as actual experiments and designs of Digital Ledeger Technologies in civic contexts, from a perspective of urban governance, social justice and the ‘right to the city’.

The City as a License. Implications of Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers for Urban Governance

After the smart city, will the blockchain city now follow? New technologies such as distributed ledgers may herald a new phase for the way digital media and big data are deployed to manage, use and shape public spaces and urban infrastructures. The City as a License is a perspective, which illuminates that development from the starting point of the city as a modern, open community with democratic and inclusive public spaces.

The City as a Licence (NL)

Volgt na de smart city nu de blockchain-stad? Nieuwe technologieën als distributed ledgers (decentraal beheerde databases) luiden mogelijk een nieuwe fase in voor de manier waarop digitale media en big data worden ingezet om publieke ruimtes en stedelijke infrastructuren te beheren, gebruiken en vorm te geven. The City as a License is een perspectief, dat die ontwikkeling belicht vanuit het vertrekpunt van de stad als een moderne, open gemeenschap met democratische en inclusieve publieke ruimtes.

An interactive light system and dashboard for a Sustainably Powered Kitchen

In 2020, Circulate collaborated with a group of students from the HvA Master Digital Design on a 4-week design project, which had Enki Energy as its main client. For this assignment, the students were asked to create a data visualisation tool that facilitated the use and maintenance of the Enki Energy’s biodigester used in a communal kitchen at a housing complex in Amersfoort.